Studio Rules


1. BGDTC strives to provide a positive learning environment for all students. We require all visitors to our studio to treat our staff, students,  parents, and children with respect at all times. Undesirable or threatening behavior toward any child will result in immediate removal from the facility.

2. No student cell phones turned on during class.

3. Parents are always welcome to observe, but must remain in designated waiting areas during class. Please do not disrupt class for any reason. If you must pull your child out of class before the designated end time, please contact a staff member to assist you.

4. The safety of our students is of utmost importance. All students under the age 13 must be walked into the studio by a guardian. If your child is to be picked up by someone other than the person who dropped them off, please inform the office staff. No student, regardless of age, will be  allowed to wait outside the studio for transportation.

5. BGDTC is a non-smoking facility.

6. Proper footwear and attire must be worn at all times.

7. Required paperwork must be filled out and returned to the office staff prior to participation in any class.

8. Dance requires discipline and focus. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Behavior that continually hinders the learning of other students may result in removal from class and/or transfer to a more appropriate environment.

9. Financial information- including tuition due dates and the rules surrounding payment- are included on this site and in your registration handbook. Continued  late payments could result in a child losing his/her spot in class.

10. Information about competition team rules are outlined on this site. Please read them before auditioning.

11. Anyone who has concerns or questions needs to make an appointment with the director FIRST. We will do anything we can to help address these concerns. Staff are not always available to speak with parents during class hours, so an appointment must be made.

12. Please let us know if your child is dropping a class or will be absent from class two weeks or more in a row.

13. Students may not be dropped off or picked up more than ten minutes prior to/after their last class. Young children and siblings should never be left in the lobby or waiting areas unattended. If an emergency arises, please alert the office staff so your child can be properly supervised until your arrival.

14. Please keep noise levels low in the hallways or waiting areas. Excessive noise can distract students participating in class.

15. Choreography is not to be shared without the written consent of the director and class instructor.

16. Any damage to the studio by a child or parent will be charged to the parent(s) responsible or the parent(s) of the child responsible for the incurred damages.

17. The Homework Lounge is a designated quiet space for our dancers in grades 3 & above to complete homework assignments during breaks between classes. All students are encouraged to utilize the cubbies provided, but we request younger dancers and siblings remain in the designated observation areas for any extended time periods in the studio.

18. A designated play area is provided in the front observation room of the studio for younger dancers and siblings. Please do not leave young children unattended, and be respectful of the BGDTC staff by tidying the area before leaving.

19. Other rules specific to spring recital, mandatory dress rehearsal, and competition team will be outlined in the appropriate sections of this website.

20. Please be on time to class. Walking in late is distracting to teachers and other students, and class announcements and stretching are important.

21. BGDTC reserves the right to refuse service to any student, parent, or legal guardian for any reason, including- but not limited to- not adhering to the rules set forth in these policies and procedures.

22. No refunds will be given for recital costumes, class tuition, registration fees, competition fees, or any other form of payment for any reason. 