Required Attire

A dance dress code is important for both the safety of the dancer and for teachers to be able to see body alignment and correct mistakes. Also, when a young dancer walks into the classroom, being dressed appropriately gets them both physically and psychologically ready to dance. Inappropriate dance attire or unkempt hair can be a distraction for the dancer, teacher, and rest of the class as well.

At BGDTC, we require all competition team members to wear BLACK for every class and rehearsal, with hair pulled back away from the face. Appropriate shoes are required for each style.

Recreational dancers are required to wear leotards/tights, jazz pants, or other athletic or movable clothing in any color. Absolutely no jeans allowed! Long hair must be pulled back away from face. Twirlers must have hair pulled up and back, and are encouraged to avoid all jewelry, especially necklaces. No large or dangling earrings permitted for any dancers. Dancers may wear skirts or tutus that do not interfere with their movement or batons. Male dancers can wear dance pants or loose fitting and movable attire.

Dancers who show up to class continually dressed inappropriately or with the wrong shoes may be called for a parent meeting and could be asked to sit out. BGDTC understands that we may have new students who are not new to dance- and may already have appropriate shoes. So BGDTC does not require that dance clothes, shoes, or required items be purchased in our dance shop, but it is required that all clothing and shoes be approved by an instructor. All dance shoes especially are not created equally- for example, ballet “slippers” sold in big box retail stores are not the same as leather or canvas ballet shoes, and can injure a young dancer’s feet.